Therapytic Wings

After being assess and formal diagnosis of the nature of disability the child and the parents may exposed to various therapeutic intervention according the requirement , for improvement of their lives.

  • Early intervention:
    a. For the children of age group up to ….6 years. And more.
    b. child’s special needs are screened.
    c. Level of IQ derived.
    d. Intervention  are carried out by sensory integration, self help, communication,Music and play.
    e. For developing cognitive skills various game and puzzles are used.
  • Occupational Therapy & physiotherapy :
    a. A comprehensive unit with modern adaptive equipments and gadgets,
    b. Occupational therapy helps to improve Childs fine motor development, eye- hand coordination and sensory awareness.
    c. Physiotherapy  helps to improve Childs Gross motor development such as standing, walking, running, playing, rolling, crawling, and other    large movements.
  • Multi sensory unit:
    a. Highly stimulating environment of Sounds, Sight, surface textured and smelling.
    b. providing  sensory development in auditory, visual, tactile, and vestibular. Autisum multi-disability & ADHD child
  • a. Helps to speech disorder and hearing loss of the child.
    b. Involves  language intervention, mis-articulation, fluency, voice and proper pronunciation  exercise.
  • Dance, Music, Cultural  activities , & Yoga Therapy.
    a. Dance and cultural activities help to improve emotional & physical integration and enhances  mobility and creativity of the children.
    b. Music facilitates emotional release and self expressions and has wonderful soothing  effects.
    c. Yoga helps physical fitness and concentration and develop will power.