Special schooling

“ Special  care center for slow learners “: is situated in the tribal belt  of Gujarat , it is situated at  Bardoli Dist. Surat.

Our is the first residential institute for mentally challenged and c.p. child. There is no other school having this type of facilities in surat Dist. The population of surat dist is around 70 laces.

At present we are offering our services to 138 beneficiaries at our temporary facility, and having waiting list of another 180 people. we are offering all services like lodging ,boarding, education and training free of any cost.

Generally in society , mentally challenged people are target of scorn and ridicule. Due to their limited mental and physical growth they are discriminated and cannot compete with normal people. Looking towards their plight, organization decided to provide them environment which will give them a chance to lead a dignified life and a place where they can be trained to be self dependent


  • The hidden potential of the child is to explore through up gradation of personal adequacy, social competency and vocational efficiency .of each child irrespective of their nature and retardation.
  • To bring about sustainable improvement  in five major parameters of sharpening of hidden abilities, i.e. Cognitive skill, self – help skill. Motor function skill, socialization skill and language skill.
  • To provide Vocational training to trainable children, who generally cannot coup up with education and studies.
  • To provide training in Activity of Daily Living (ADL) with the support of careers and guidance to family member at the time of vacation.

(A)    Pre- school and School Activities:

Children’s are identify in 5 categories such as

Profound           I.Q. Level               below 25

Severe                    “                        25   to   35

Moderate              “                         35   to   45

Mild                       “                         50   to   70

Border                   “                         70   to   90



  • The children in the age group of 5-10 years diagnosed as having mild mental retardation or border line I.Q. and educable and trainable are taken to Pre-school/primary unit. The children learn functional pre academics in group of 8 to 10 Nos. in this unit – importance is given on the play method of learning.
  • The  successful  students are admitted  in the secondary group where they learn functional academics and skill for facing sensory, mental, and physical. The focus on students are on structured form of learning depending on individuals educational plan skill  (IEP)
  • Quarterly assessment is being carried out by the head of department, and progress report given to the parents and given advice to take care at the time when child is at home. or after school hours for hosteller.
  • The children of all  pre – primary, primary, Secondary and pre-vocational unit are exposed to joyful learning through music ,dance physical education, outdoors game and yoga.
  • Since our country is agricultural base, we give agri. base training such as   gardening ,to develop  plant ,watering, digging. Etc. and basic farming.
  • Girls are taught sewing, Cooking, and embroidering.


(B) Care Group and Adult Leisure & Learning Programmed (ALLP)

  • Children having severe and profound disability who are not able to educate or vocational training , are assessed custodial environment. There curriculum differ from other one on the base of I.Q. Level.
  • They are giving training for ALLP where daily habits, toilet training, kitchen management (especially for girls) recreational skill training and other basic needbased training are imparting. (Guideline being given to parents )
  • Care, protection and empathy of the family members and siblings are essential for their rehabilitation.


(C) Autism Unit:

Autism is a developmental that begins at birth during the first 3 years of life it is generally indentify by stereo type repetitive and self stimulatory behavior coupled with profound inability to relate to people, objects, sensation and even event. It mainly affects the area of communications and social interactions.” Shantinathay sevashram “has special center for Autism.

  • Students with Autism are trained in 2 sections in an environment with latest distraction.
  • Students are divided according to their functional level and age group and are exposed to frame programs of skilled training like attending skill, imitation skill, receptive skill, expressive language skill, social skill, and self help skill.