Donation Request

Universal Welfare Trust of India is a unique children’s charity alliance of social service organizations, hospitals, camps and schools caring for developmentally disabled children and at-risk youth. Many of our special needs children come from communities that cannot afford the one-on-one specialized care and expensive equipment necessary for them to thrive. Our unique children’s charity provides funding through your donations that make it possible to provide special needs programs that are opening new vistas for the educationally, emotionally and physically challenged.

Charitable Donation to Our Unique Children’s Charity

Medical and developmental disabilities have a profound effect upon children and their families. SKF is an umbrella charity organization that affiliates with a wide array of non-profit organizations. We develop creative, new funding resources for disabled children; enabling the generosity of both philanthropists and the general public to play a meaningful role in our special children’s lives through your charity donations. Donate now!

 Appeals  to Society

we all live in a so-called sane and intelligent society running around daily to pursue our ambitions and dreams. Our lives are full of concerns and worries about our own successes.

We seldom realize the joy of holding someone’s hand and sharing our love.

We feel rejected when we are not appreciated or needed. We try our best to get noticed by society, groups, and associations that do not need us.

There are children who need you and your love.

The Universal Welfare Trust of India has created a school for mentally challenged children who are in need of special attention, care and love. These wonderful children are full of joy, innocence and wonder.

They are alive, vibrant human beings who can laugh, cry and express their emotions.

Their only challenge is that they do not have the cunningness and smartness to survive in the competitive world. They do not compete in school, in jobs or in business. They live happily and content and at most times are not even aware that they are mentally challenged.

The school can expand and take more students if honorable members of our society such as yourself take up the responsibility of putting a smile on the faces of these special children.

You can give donations to the school. There is no benefit to you except the satisfaction and joy of sharing your money for this good cause. It is probably the greatest satisfaction you can have.

You have this extraordinary opportunity to contribute to a child’s life.

Come and share your joy of being alive with everyone.


Our  Needs


 Rupees Dollar
Conference Hall NamingRs.20,00,000.00
Classroom NamingRs.3,50,000.00
Artificial limb CenterRs.20,00,000.00
Physiotherapy CenterRs.15,00,000.00
Computer lab Rs.10,00,000.00
One month educational exp.Rs. 55,000.00
One month Hostel exp. Rs. 60,000.00
One time meal(150 students) Rs. 11,000.00
Life time sponsorship for day ( Only interest to be used )Rs. 1,51,000.00
School Uniform(150 Child, 1 Pair Rs,540/-)Rs. 82,000.00
After School Uniform(150 Child, 1 Pair Rs,540/-)Rs. 82,000.00
Life time sponsorship for day Snacks ( Only interest to be used )Rs.51,000.00
Child Adoption SchemeRs.45,000.00
Whole Day - Meal(Two Time Meal, Milk & Snacks)Rs.25,000.00



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